Player: Rollie Fingers

Company / Set: 2004 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Serial Number: N/A

Card Number: SS-RF

Why is it in my personal collection?: I love a swatch of vintage jersey.  There is nothing like being able to see the individual threads in the jersey weave.  Also I am a fan of Rollie Fingers just for his ultra cool handle bar mustache.  For years he was one of the best relievers in baseball and in 1992 he was elected into the Hall of Fame.  I was just lucky enough to find an old school hjersey of his on a card.  Usually its the blue Brewers jersey you will see.  I already had a Fingers autograph, his rookie card and now his A’s vintage jersey, so this ended up completing my collection.

Where did I get this card?:  From a local card shop in Hampton, VA

Price: $3

Would I buy other cards in this set?: I actually own quite a few of the jersey cards from the Sweet Spot Classic set.  There were some great older players in the set such as Drysdale, Mazerowski, and Ott.  Of course you’ll also have Schmidt, Carew and Perry as well.  You can get some decent vintage jersey cards in this set at affordable prices.

Card Rating from 1-100: 82

Is card up for trade?: Nope

What is your take on Rollie Fingers and the card itself?


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  1. Jeff says:

    This is not a comment about this card in particular but just a general observation. Why is it that whenever I see a Rollie Fingers insert card from sets from say the past 10 years, or retro sets such as Gypsy Queen it’s a picture of him from the early 70’s. Usually, it’s a picture prior to his mustache. I rarely see an insert of him in a Padres uniform or a Brewers uniform (where he won his Cy Young and MVP awards). Is it because the green and gold of the A’s uniforms really stands out on cards? Are the photographs of this era more easily obtainable? It is similar with Reggie Jackson – how many cards are there of him in the A’s uniforms of 1969, very early 70’s compared to Yankees, Angels, Orioles?? Like I said, it’s just an observation………

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