Player: David West

Company / Set: 2010-11 Panini Prestige

Serial Number: 216/249

Card Number: 9

Why is it in my personal collection?: I got this card through a trade when I was trading away a 1987 Fleer Tin (baseball) set.  Obviously this wasn’t the only card I got but it qualified on multiple things for my collection.  I like colored jersey and serial number. I’m not really as basketball fan so I am OK to see this one go especially if you are a basketball / Hornet / David West collector.  Not looking for much special, send me a trade request and I’ll more than likely accept it.

Where did I get this card?:  Trade from a fellow blogger.

Price: N/A

Would I buy other cards in this set?: Panini makes so really fun game used cards and Prestige (among some other sets as well) are some of my favorite game used cards for the NBA.  I definitely would buy other cards from this subset.

Card Rating from 1-100: 42

Is card up for trade?: Yes!

What is your take on David West and the card itself?


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