As many of you know my wife is involved in the make-up blogging community.  She and her fellow makeup hounds put together a box of nail polishes and shipped it all around the country for other people to take and contribute to the box.  I thought wouldn’t it be cool to do something similar with cards. We would need 10-15 people.  Each person would contribute two or three cards.  Then we would ship it to the first person on the list.  They would have two days to look over whats in the box, take what they want and replace what they took with new cards. Finally shipping it to the next person on the list. In theory this can continue forever.

So how many people would be interested?  Here would be the requirements:

  • Donate 2 or 3 star game used, rookie card, short print, or autographed cards.
  • Each card should be assigned a book value.
  • For every card you want out of the box you must replace with a card of your own of equal value.
  • You can take as many as you want, as long as you replace what you take.
  • I would start a facebook group for this so that when you get the box and decide what you want to take you can report it on facebook.
  • I have no idea if this should be limited to baseball and or football, or open it up to all sports.

If you are interested please email me <here>.

Update: We already have 11 people interested.  I set up a facebook group here.  Join the group for updates.


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