OK so we have a good number of people who want in on this so let’s start the ball rolling.  Here  is the low down:

  • I will email everyone my address, you email me your address.
  • Gather at least 2-3 cards (more if you want to
  • The cards will be sorted into several categories based on price so assign a value to each card you send.
  • We will be working with baseball and football to start.
  • We will only deal with star and Hall of Fame players.
  • The cards can be vintage, insert (serial numbered), rookie cards, game used cards, or autographed cards.
  • The minimum value of the card should be $5 and I won’t put a maximum value.
  • The box will start in NC and then it will get sent to the next closet person.
  • We will use USPS flat rate box.  I’m assuming that it will fit in a small flat rate box (about $5.50 to ship), we might have to upgrade to a medium box, but for now a small flat rate box will do.
  • The rules of the box are simple.  Take a card, put a card of equal or more value back in. Take as many as you want, just replace what you take.
  • Take a picture of all the cards you take but not of the cards you put in, to build an excitement for the next person. Also so we can see what was in the box.  You can post the picture on facebook or email it to me and I’ll post on the blog and facebook.
  • The price categories will be: $5-10, $10-15, $15-20, $20-30, $30-40, and $50+.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to start it.  I will personally contribute 5 cards to the cause.  Hopefully we can get the box out next Friday.  You can email me first <here>.


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  1. jay Kreper says:

    I’ve a boatload of various numbered inserts from all sports,that I’d gladly offer to someone who wanted any of them.

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