I wanted to make some cut reprint cut autograph cards for myself.  So I thought to myself, what would be a dream cut autograph card I’d Like to own.  I came up with this as my first card:

I’ve always enjoyed the Goudey design and I figured that I could use this template for any sport.  Although now thinking about it, I kind of wished that I added the baseball player silhouettes somewhere on the card.  Maybe for my next one. Some other combos I was thinking:

  • Griffey Jr. / Willie Mays
  • Nolan Ryan / Tim Lincecum
  • Derek Jeter / Joe DiMaggio
  • Mantle / Maris
  • Mantle / Williams
  • Ruth / Cobb
  • Cobb / Wagner
  • Cy Young / Mathewson
  • Gretzky / Lemieux
  • Orr / Howe
  • Walter Payton / Jim Brown
  • Manning / Unitas
  • Farve / Starr
  • Luck / RGII
  • Chamberlain / Russell
  • Bird / Jordan

I don’t know those are just some that come to mind.  Can you think of any that you would like to see.  I’d like to turn this into a series.  The design may change a bit but overall I like how it looks.


4 responses »

  1. Eric L says:

    If I were wanting them for my collection, I’d want:
    Luke Hochevar/Dexter Fowler (I know I’d be the only person happy to pull this one)

    Great looking card, as always.

  2. dawgbones says:

    I think Clayton Kershaw/Jamie Moyer would be an awesome pairing. Oldest current pitcher/youngest current pitcher…

  3. Andrew says:

    How did you make that bryce harper card

  4. JC Ayvazi says:

    Nice concept – here’s some LA area suggestions:
    Koufax/Drysdale – the classic pairing
    Duke Snider/Matt Kemp – old school CF & current
    Marcus Allen/Eric Dickerson – HOF runners made their mark in same town at same time
    Magic Johnson/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – another classic pair
    Rogie Vachon/Jonathan Quick – honoring the new Stanley Cup champs

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