It has been a while since I’ve blogged and for good reason.  Work has been really busy of late and the amount of free time I have has dropped to almost none.  Plus every time I sat down to bang out a post I got the worst case of writer’s block.  I have eight drafts that I started and just shoved off to the side because I just couldn’t lead it anywhere.  Sometimes it takes a trip to a ballgame to snap out of a writing funk and tonight I took a trip out to see the Durham Bulls.

Generally I try to get to a bunch of games a year, but this year this is only my second game.  Tonight’s game was against Gwinett County (Brave’s AAA team).  The game itself was a bit of a laugher.  Gwinett County put up an eight run inning that was the deciding factor in the game.  There were two players though that in my opinion are going in different directions.

First off the Braves have a solid pro prospect in first baseman Ernesto Mejia.  He has put together back to back solid seasons in both AA and AAA.  He looks the part of a soon to be seasoned major leaguer.  He has not been promoted to the majors as of yet, but if not for the Braves, for someone who needs a first baseman (see St. Louis Cardinals).  I have not seen many autographs of him available online but those I have seen are running about $20.

However heading in the wrong direction was former first round pick Tim Beckham.  He did not look like a pro. He went 0-5 and looked completely baffled out there.  He couldn’t tell the difference between different pitches and has no command of where the strike zone is.  I have heard some good things about him, but I have to say I was not impressed at all.  I’d be surprised if he was anything other than a fringe player.  His autographs are going for $15-$20 and I have to say that spending any money on him at this point is crazy.  He will get his chance in the majors next year, but he will fizzle.  He’s just no major league material, the Rays should cut bait and move on.

So in short:

Buy this:

Not this:

Feels good to snap out of a writer’s block.  Hope to post a lot more!




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  1. Anita Levine says:

    Keep writing, Mike! The only way around is through…

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