Being a die hard Seahawks fan is not an easy proposition. The team has been through a long-time period of absolute mediocrity. Even in the pathetic NFC West they can’t consistantly win. They always seem to have some of the pieces needed to win just not all together at the same time. Sometimes a good QB (Matt Hasselback), a good HB like Sean Alexander, a solid defensive unit (05-08) and coach but seemingly never at the same time. That just might change in the future though with the arrival of Russell Wilson.

Over the offseason I can’t hide how excited I was that the Seahawks went out and brought in what I thought was the best QB of free agency (not named Manning). Matt Flynn was brought in just like Matt Hasselback before him. A backup with a lot of potential. Turns out the Seahawks got lucky and just might have snagged the steal of the 2012 draft in Wilson. After watching two preseason games, I can honestly see the QB of the future to be Russell Wilson and not Matt Flynn.

After having to sit through a vomit inducing season like last year. I am actually excited about this season. Gone is the complete ineffectiveness of Tavarius Jackson. Now the Seahawks have a good QB, RB, tight ends, and decent enough WR corp. to put up some points. Add in the fact that the defense might very well be the best in the NFL and you have to makings of a potentially special season. It’s all going to hinge on QB play though.

Flynn is the conservative pocket passer approach. Wilson is the hybrid run and throw approach. Wilson may not open the season as the team’s starter but by then end of the year he will be. By next year it may very well be his team. Leaving Matt Flynn looking for work again.

In the world of card collecting it’s nearly a dead heat in autograph value. Both Flynn and Wilson’s autographs are going for between $15-$25. Collectors are just waiting on who gets the nod as the starter. Flynn’s autographs might not go up much with the nod but Wilson’s could quadruple if he starts off the season as the field general. Either way I think the Seahawks have a lot to look forward to as this might be one of their best seasons since the Super Bowl XL debacle.




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  1. spankee says:

    I can’t agree with you at all on this one. Wilson will be mediocre when he plays decent defenses and terrible when he plays good defenses, just as he was in college. I honestly don’t think Flynn or Wilson is a successful long term option.

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