I was reading a blog post on Yahoo that was talking about the return of Roger Clemens to pitch a minor league game for the Sugar Land Skeeters.  While reading the post I came across that Scott Kazmir is also currently pitching for the Skeeters.  I had to do a double take, I mean it’s Scott Kazmir, he couldn’t possibly be washed out of baseball . . . right?

Sure enough, it was one in the same.  The guy that was the 15th overall pick in the 2002 MLB draft.  He was the former ace of the Tampa Bay Rays. Now he isn’t even good enough to be the 4th starter for the Sugar Land Skeeters.  We are talking about a two time All Star and former AL strikeout king.  At 28 his fastball doesn’t even hit 89 on the radar gun.  He now sports a WHIP approaching 2.00, an ERA of almost 8, and almost as many walks as strikeouts.

When I first started writing a blog, I wrote about a Scott Kazmir jersey card I had recently acquired.  I classified it as a bad hit but many people had to disagree with me.  A look at it now:

You can clearly see that this is indeed a bad hit and an extremely boring one at that.  His autographs now hover at a dollar or less as he is going to let his career run out near his hometown of Houston, TX.  It’s a pretty sad story especially since I was and I guess still am a big fan.  I’ll have to continue to watch how he does, I know it won’t end well, it never does when a former MLB player ends up in the Atlantic League (see Ozzie Canseco).  I just wish Kazmir good luck in Sugar Land, he is probably going to need it.



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  1. I once traded Kazmir away in a keeper fantasy baseball pool straight up for Felix Hernandez. Pretty sure I won that deal!

    I like to remind my buddy about that trade as often as I can and thanks to you pointing out that Kazmir is currently a Skeeter, I now have even more ammunition to go after him with! Thanks!

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