Well the box finally came full circle and ended up at my house.  Before I could have my crack at it I had to allow Ryan from Trader Crack to pick his cards.  Also Jim from GCRL blog wanted to join and I got his cards in yesterday.  As soon as Ryan’s cards clear customs and get in the box, I will send it out for round 2.

I probably traded the most cards of anyone, 12 and counting (still waiting to see if I want any of Ryan’s cards).  What I want to do is post all the cards I took and I want the readers to define fair prices.  I’m just curious if my perceived value matches what everyone else thinks. So here we go:

The second I saw the 1977 Ryan I had to have it, I was surprised it went all the way around.  I never turn down a HOF rookie card (Gaylord Perry).  The 1975 minis are one of my all time favorite sets plus it’s a Griffey! The 1965 Gibson is just an add to my pile of 1965 cards, I actually didn’t have his. Total in my estimation: $25

The 1970 Kellogs Ernie Banks 3D card is pure heaven to me.  Toss in the fact it’s essentially in mint condition and I’m loving it.  Might be a card to get graded.  The 1960 Kaline is vintage and I love old cards.  The Piazza card is not worth a whole lot ($1) but it’s such an oddball I had to have it.  Finally the Sweet Spot Alex Gordon auto is especially sweet for me.  Even though it’s a disappearing ink card.  Overall value: $29

The 1987 Schmidt and 1991 Maddux are both Tiffany style so in my book they were must haves.  The 1983 Ryno, well it’s a HOF rookie card (even if it’s from Donruss). Total value = $11

All are 1985 Tiffany cards.  They might not be worth a whole lot, but I love me some Tiffany. Plus the mustache / eyebrow combo of Buckner is just fantastic.  Total value = $8

So there you have it, my 12 takes from the box.  I’m curious if my evaluation is off.  I plan on putting in some sweet cards to make up for all that I took.  Also just so you know there is a small binder in the box so if you have loose cards you want to put in go for it. Thanks to whoever thought to put that in it was brilliant.  Also there are some plastic 5×7 cases and a Topps 60th anniversary booklet for the taking as well.  I think I’m going to throw in some small sets that I have back ups of.  All I ask is that if you take a small set, put one back in.

Finally if you want in for round two, NOW IS THE TIME.  I can’t stress this enough.  As soon as Ryan’s shipment comes in, I am sending it on out.  Please let me know ASAP if you want in.


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  1. Adam says:

    I think that your evaluations look pretty good. From a BV perspective it may seem a little low on the vintage but based on your photos I think the valuation is good due to condition. I am looking forward to the next round and promise to be a little quicker this time. I think I had the box for almost 3 weeks due to work travel and life struggles.

  2. I would love to get in on the traveling box. What do I have to do?

  3. Mike D says:

    Please include me in round two. I have a couple really good adds to throw in, I love this community idea!!!
    Mike D

  4. philgpbp says:

    I want in! Email sent.

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