As I continue to go over the cards from the junk era actually worth something, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the 1993 Stadium Club Murphy Derek Jeter rookie card.  If you don’t know what Stadium Club Murphy was all about, it was a limited edition hobby only set with a print run of 8000.  The set looked like this:


The set was actually held inside the Jack Murphy Stadium tin.  The set itself contained 100 Draft Picks, 56 All-Stars, all 25 members of the 1992 USA Baseball team and, and 19 post-season highlight cards.  It was actually released  about a month after the original Stadium Club set was released.  The gem of the set was the Derek Jeter rookie card:

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

The card is probably one of the most desirable ones of the 1990s.  It may not be the most desirable Jeter rookie, that would probably belong to the Upper Deck SP card.  There are hardly any non-graded versions available on eBay and most of the cards I have seen run from about $80 – $200 depending on the grade.

It’s one of those cards that would be a great addition to any personal collection, unless you really hate the Yankees / Jeter.  In the end though it’s hard to argue his squeaky clean image and the fact that the guy can play.  Overrated or underrated, he is going to the Hall of Fame and he certainly deserves it.

Do you have this card or the Murphy set from this year?


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  1. Mike D says:

    When I first saw the description of the Murphy card I thought of the SP card. Then you mentioned the SP card. You are right, there aren’t a lot of the Murphy cards of Jetwr floating around, I had forgotten about it! Jeter’s rookies – all of them – will likely hold long value given his wild popularity in the major market. A lot like Ripken and Mantle’s cards after they retired.

  2. dave h says:

    Cool looking card, I bet that weight of 170 included the hat, shoes and bat! Kermit the Frog has bigger pipes than rookie Jeter!

    Still glad to see him plugging away, one of the game’s greats!

  3. Dan says:

    the jeter’s high on my wantlist. it was at $30 for years and i never jumped on it. i have the rest of the murphy set + the master photos, which i bought cheap a couple years ago…just waiting for that jeter.

  4. derekk84 says:

    I never knew that the “Murphy” in Murphy was the stadium. Makes a lot more sense to me now. Definitely a card I’ve always wanted.

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