In 1990 as a reward to dealers for buying a case of 1990 Topps update sets, Topps issued a miniature version of 1954 Topps Hank Aaron rookie card made of bronze.  I have a bunch of these bronze / silver / aluminum ingot cards from a number of different years.  I love these “cards” not just because they are miniaturized versions, but also because they even did the back of the card on the back of the ingot.


This is the only image I could find that shows the back of the card.


Since these were only seeded one to a case, you would think they would have some nice value to them wouldn’t you? The simple truth was that there were so many cases of sets issued that you can buy these “cards” now for as little as ten bucks.  Also equally as sad is that it’s worth twice as much as the 132 card update set.

I still think it’s an awesome piece from the junk wax era, which unfortunately we see very little of today.  I do like how Topps has been including more and more reprinted cards from older generations, but I think they should do the metal cards again.  With the price of metal going up, it could be a win – win situation, cards that are based on metal market value.

How many of you would buy a metal card set?


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