The final trade cards have come in from Ryan.  So the last of the first round is now complete.  Now we move on to round two.  I was hoping to get it out this Friday or Saturday, but I am still waiting on two new entrants.  At this point the list is closed since we now have 13 people participating.  I’ll set the cutoff for next Friday.  Any cards received after that for entry will be returned.  I will get the list together next week as to who gets the box and when.  I’m hoping to see the box return to me sometime in January.


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  1. thoughtsandsox says:

    Dang, I never could find your actual e-mail address on your blog anywhere to get in on this. You need to make it a little easier to find.

  2. thoughtsandsox says:

    I wish I could fined your e-mail address on your blog somewhere so I could have got in on this. You need a link to it on here somewhere that is easy to find.

  3. Dave H says:

    Ever give a thought to starting a hockey one too? I could take your idea and run with it, but you certainly have access to a larger audience.

  4. feeffannali says:

    "Our goal is to get all kids in our country and across the world in a better state of health, and that starts with getting up and moving," she said. "As you all compete here, think of your fellow competitors back home — all those young kids who are going to be thinking of visions of you as they Chuck Howley Jersey go spike Jason Witten Kids Jersey a ball or put their toe in that first water."

  5. Scott says:

    Any luck on the list and time frame for the box?

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