I’ve been MIA lately because I was at a conference in Chicago. But I am back and to celebrate I went out to Walmart and looked for a blaster.  We stopped by the new Walmart which must be the smallest Walmart in the world.  Tiny blaster section and none really floated my boat.  So I decided on the “value” blaster, the 20 packs for 20 dollars one posted below:


Let’s do a rip of pack one shall we?

Pack: 2007 TriSTAR Prospect Plus


  • Travis D’Arnaud – Was the 37th player taken in the 2007 draft by the Phillies and later traded to the Blue Jays in the Roy Halladay deal.  Probably is one of the better players I could have gotten in this pack.  His last two years in AA and AAA have been outstanding and he probably would have been in the majors if he hadn’t gotten injured this year.
  • Will Kline – Was the 65th pick in the 2007 draft by the Rays.  He had a very short lived career, 9 starts elbow injury, never played again. I’d say that he was a hard luck bust.
  • Josh Vitters – Was the 3rd pick in the 2007 draft with the Cubs.  This year was his first in the majors and he looked like a 22 year old in the majors.  He was a bit green.  He has done well in triple A and he will be a main stay in the Cubs lineup for years to come.

  • James Simmons autograph – Score! An autograph in the first pack! OK so he is a reliever for the Oakland A’s, but this was a junk wax box and I got an autograph. Hey at least he is still in the majors.  He seems as if he might actually make it to the majors.


  • Ross Detwiler – He was the 6th pick in the 2007 draft with the Nationals.  He has been in the majors since 2009 (aside from one inning in 2007).  He had a pretty good season this year 10-8 with a 3.40 ERA and a WHIP of 1.23.  I’d say all in all, he’s not too bad. Definitely the gem of the pack in my opinion.
  • Nathan Vineyard – Number 47 in the 2007 draft for the Mets.  Could very well be one of the worst draft picks in Mets history and that speaks volumes.  His career was 11 games including 9 starts. Injuries sidelined him, but he essentially gave up on his career.  He never showed up for rehab assignment and never reported to spring training the next season.  Oh yeah and he blew his entire signing bonus.

Final Tally: 1 autograph, 1 major leaguer, 1 AAAA player, 1 hot shot prospect, and 2 early retirees.

Pack Value: $1.25 ($1 for autograph and $0.05 for each base card). So in other words, it was a win!

Recommend the pack?: Not really it’s kind of boring, even with the autograph (1:8) chance.


3 responses »

  1. Paulie3jobs says:

    We have a “Super” Wal-Mart nearby, they don’t even stock cards.

  2. JT says:

    just do the rest of the box already. one pack per day is already wearing thing

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