Yesterday I popped open pack number one and today I’ll hammer out number two.  Here is the pack of interest a 2008 Topps Chrome:


Pack: 2008 Topps Chrome


  • Randy Johnson – This would be a pre – Yankees Big Unit, a Hall of Famer to be is always an excellent addition to any collection.


  • Topps Trading Card History – Chase Utley – 1952 style numbered (blue parallel) 65/200. This was a serious surprise to see in a junk pack.  I love this card, I just wish the area of his name wasn’t blue.


  • Brett Meyers Xfractor – Two solid cards in this pack.  I always love an xfractor card even if it is of Brett Myers.

  • CC Sabathia – Captain Cheeseburger himself.  This was just after his breakout season.  I think this is the worst card in the pack and that in itself says a lot.

Final Talley: 1 Hall of Famer, 1 serial numbered parallel insert, 1 xfractor, and 1 star card. All four cards have the “chrome curl”.

Pack Value:  I would have to put it at $3.00 (a dollar each for the xfractor and blue parallel, 50 cents each for the Johnson and Sabathia).

Recommend the Pack?: I have to say yes since I am a chrome fan.  Truth be told it was the selling point for this particular box.

Running Count on the Value Blaster: Two packs down and I set total value at $4.25.


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