So far so good with these packs.  No huge hits, so far, but some nice cards.  Off to pack number 3 which is 2008 Upper Deck Goudey.  I’ve always liked Goudey so this will be fun to rip.


Pack: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey


  • Josh Hamilton – This is from just before he was traded to the Rangers. I’m pretty sure that the Rangers got the best of that one.


  • Ian Kinsler – One of the most underated players in baseball. Although at 30 he is more than likely on the downside of his career.  He is still a 20/20 guy at least for a few years more.
  • Joe Blanton – Common card
  • Roy Oswalt – His career is pretty much over at this point, specially since he only wants to play in Texas now. Plus he has fallen into the Roger Clemens mode of playing only half seasons.
  • Jonathan Papelbon – Just think he was supposed to be a starter, he has morphed into probably the best closer in baseball. There is a very good chance that he can go for the 500 save level.
  • Mark Ellis – May have been a great prospect at one time, but has slipped into  a backup role.
  • Miguel Tejada – Once he was a major stud, on his way to a potential Hall of Fame career, then we know he’s a steroid user and his homer totals drop.  Now he is completely out of baseball and five years from now he may not even get a vote for the Hall.
  • Sports Royalty Michael Jordan (SP) – Another pack, another hit! Again, not a huge hit, but a nice one.  This adds value to the pack.

Final Talley: 1 superstar, 1 star, 3 commons, 1 almost retiree, 1 retiree, and 1 Hall of Fame guard.

Pack Value: six commons at 10 cents each, one superstar card at one dollar, and one sports royalty (non-mini) at  three dollars. Total – $4.60.

Recommend the pack?: I do love my Goudey cards so yes it’s a good pack to buy.

Running Count on the Value Blaster: Not bad at all so far, already at $8.85 after 3 packs.  This one doubled my value of the blaster.


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