If you have been following my opening of the Value Blaster I bought at Walmart has been pushing out hits at a great rate! Three packs, with three decent hits. Now we have pack 4.  I told my wife there is no way this pack will yield anything. I have bought many many packs of this crap product and I’ve never had anything more than a die cut. Here is the pack:


Pack: 2008 Upper Deck X


  • Aramis Ramirez – He is the gift that keeps on giving.  They guy produces stats like clockwork. 0.300 / 25 / 90 almost seasonal. Doesn’t matter what team or how the team does, he always produces.
  • Justin Morneau game used jersey – Yet another hit in this box, it’s ridiculous! Could this be a hot box? Is that even possible?

  • Corey Hart die cut – ahhh yet another die cut this one of a blayer I would consider a star but I’m sure no one else would agree with me. He is good, really good in my opinion and very underrated.


Final Tally: 1 game used star, one die cut common, one common

Pack Value:  The Morneau values at $2, the other two cards run about 10 cents. Total value $2.20.

Recommend the Pack?: Even with the hit I can’t possibly recommend buying a pack of this.  Even though these boxes yield some great hits (2 autos, 2 game used, 1 Yankee Stadium game used, and 1 Yankee Stadium buy back).

Running Count on the Value Blaster: So far $11.05 after 4 packs.  Not too shaby so far!


2 responses »

  1. Scott says:

    Just based on the amount of hits and inserts, this may be the greatest repack ever…

  2. peterson says:

    c.hart is one of the single most underrated players in the game. see michael young.

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