. . . that was actually purchased on eBay!

worst custom card on eBay

I go on the bay a lot to look at what some people are creating lately.  As you know I love making custom cards.  I’ve sold quite a few on eBay as well.  What I find interesting is that some people will buy ANYTHING.  When I say anything I mean it, look at that card.  There are so many things wrong with it. Let’s count:

  • Not even remotely close to Brady’s autograph – at least get it in the ball park. Also he / she made a mistake signing it and overwrote it. Like it even matters.
  • Squiggly line overload – you want to put one in there, I’m good with that, but why the second? Were you just so amazed at how well the Tom Brady “font” came out you had to squiggly underline it?
  • T in Tom is not in the lines and it’s a backwards J – Not sure how you can screw this up. It’s not like you made the charlie brown – white  line and Tom’s first name at the same time.  Couldn’t you just avoid crossing the line?
  • 1/1 looks like three stripes – I thought it was just a “fancy design” until it dawned on me that it really was 1/1.

Now that being said, this card was actually purchased.  Ok it was only $1.99 + about $2.50 shipping, but still someone saw it and said, “I gotta have that!” So I looked to see what else the guy was selling:

Ray Lewis

Fancy right! With Ray Ray’s autograph on it. Except it’s not Ray’s autograph, it’s not even close.  But don’t tell the bidders that as the bidding has reached $10.  Here is a list of his auctions <auctions>.  He states, “Each card looks and feels just as real as any other professional sports card made, maybe even better.” Holy crap it might feel better than a real sports card, gotta get me some of that! Also states, “ Every product is made by hbcards manufacturing company.” I really hope his is a limited liability company.

If you enjoy getting duped by forgery autographs, I implore you to check out his site.  This is why I stopped selling my custom cards. Someday like me he’s going to get a letter in the mail telling him to cease and desist.  It’s a real game changer let me tell you.


2 responses »

  1. jeff says:

    The first I hope was made by a fifth grader, the second is pretty sad I love his website 1of2 what did your printer stick?….lol

  2. Jtran says:

    Wow bidding ended at $108.50 for the Lewis card?? Someone got whamboozled

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