There was a time in the late 90s and early 00s that Iverson was a major player in the world of the NBA.  Talk about a human highlight real, he was just fun to watch both on and off the court.  When you are elite in the Association, you can get away with a lot of stupid off court behavior. However when your skills start to erode over time, expect to be dismissed quickly when you are the same knucklehead you were when you were 19.

That’s been the life of Iverson since his days in Philly and to some extent Denver. He spent time in Detroit, Memphis and back to Philly where he never survived more than a couple of months because of his antics.  I say antics, but in reality he was a guy that felt he was still a superstar, but was brought in to add depth.  Everyone knows that Iverson isn’t a superstar anymore, everyone except Iverson.

It’s been almost 3 years since Iverson last played professional basketball.  It was with a team in the second tier of the Euroleague.  He lasted 2 moths before messing up his calf.  The question becomes at 37 even if he plays in the D-League, does it even matter? It’s not like he’ll accept anything but a starting role on a team.  And when he doesn’t get his reps on the floor, he is just going to complain more.

I have to say for the sake of everyone, I hope Iverson stays retired.  His career has already been tarnished and really other than the usually media circus this kind of event can whip up, does anyone really want or care to see Iverson in the NBA again? I don’t but maybe I’m in the minority.  As for his cards, his autographs and game used items still sell strong on the aftermarket.  Autographs go for $50+ and game used cards go for $5+, which to me is amazing given what a piece of work he is in real life.

What do you think of his return, his cards, his storied career?

iverson auto


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  1. I agree. The story is pretty sad. Dude just needs to hang it up and go away, but I’m sure that financially that’s not an option for him.

  2. spankee says:

    I doubt anything will come of the return, really. The bench thing was blown out of proportion, too. As far as Detroit, Memphis, and Philly go, they wanted him to come off the bench despite the fact that he was their best player, by a long shot. If I were him, I would have been pissed, too. In Denver, he was still an elite player. It’s often overlooked, too, that he played so many years in Philly with the organization giving him very little help.

    As far as the whole of his career, I think he’s easily a HOFer. Personally, I just enjoyed watching him play so damn hard.

  3. I hope he comes back and there is a whole bunch of press about it so that I can dump all my Iverson RCs on ebay while he is in the spotlight again.

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