Tell me PK Subban isn’t living the life right now.  Already he is one of the sport’s most popular athletes and he plays for the Yankees of the NHL the Montreal Canadiens. Now to top it all off at the end of this year he was going to be a restricted free agent.  He’s so popular that he can actually be a contract hold out in a lockout shortened season.  Can you even name me the last NHL player to hold out?

His ploy worked and now he is the owner of a nice fat contract that will allow him to get his big payday in two years. For now, the Candiens got a deal on the built like a brick Subban.  His contract is a 2 year $5.75 million work of genius.  I say that because the Canadiens got one of it’s most popular players locked up for under 3 million a year.  That won’t be the case two more years from now when he’ll be a $5 million a year guy.

He is probably the most collectible defensiveman in hockey right now.  His autographed cards will set you back anywhere between $35-$75 and he has only been in the league for a little over 2 seasons now.  He’s only 23 and he;s only going to get better with age.  If he grows into his position and becomes the 20 goal 40 assist guy she displayed in the juniors, I could easily see the value of his cards going up.  Below is probably my favorite of his signed cards:

pkl subban auto

What do you think of PK? Will he ever be the premier D guy in the league or do you see his cards going down in value?


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