The sell sheet:

Click on it for a larger version.

Click on it for a larger version.

The Skinny:

I came home last night to find a box of this sitting on my porch.  Brought it in and texted a picture to my wife who texted back, “EXCELLENT!” I usually wait for her to open up these products so that I can get a different perspective on how she feels about the cards.  She came home and we tore it open.

Base Cards:

The base cards are broken down as follows:

1 – 30 – Hero cards – These are sketches of players like Howe, Roy and Sundin.  I think they look pretty good, however my wife feels they make the players look odd.

31- 50 – CHL Rookies

51 – 86 – OHL players

87 – 114 – QMJHL players

115 – 150 – WHL players

151 – 199 – Class of 2013 players (NHL Draft ready)

The prospect cards are good, with very little change in design over the years.  Personally I like the cards because for many of these players these represent their first cards and I have something to mail out for them to sign through the mail.

A typical box should yield at least 70% of the set.

3D Subset:

One word, AWESOME! I haven’t seen too many 3D hockey cards and these are all of the class of 2013.  I believe there are 49 of them and they average about two a box.  They are on very thick card stock (about the size of a blocker card).  Definitely a subset worth chasing in my opinion.


Non-Memorabilia Cards:

These include Memorial Cup match ups, Memorial Cup champions,  Subway Series, and Top Prospects.  Although the cards are nice and show the rivalries that are so special in hockey, I tend to not like them.  For me they are filler preventing me from finishing a base set.

Autograph Cards:

Falling 1:7 packs, you should get 2 – 3 of these in a box.  We got two of them.  They are very similar to previous years, there are many short prints and extra short prints available.  There are just over 160 subjects.  All the hero cards are the extra short prints (still trying to find out how many are out there). Hamilton is already on the Bruins (9th overall pick) and Carrier is definitely an up and comer.  Overall not a disappointment.

ITG base auto

Game Used Cards:

Here is where in the game shines.  Usually we get a multi colored jersey and we got two large ones including a silver parallel.  They are so thick that they actually bulge out of the card.  I do love this about ITG, how they give out the best looking jersey cards.  We got three of them including a dual jersey card.  The odds are at 1:7 so again you should expect 2 – 3 a box.  Domi is going to be an NHLer very soon, Gregoire is going to be a hell of an enforcer, The dual card has two top prospects as well. Overall definitely not a disappointment.




With a price tag of $85, you really can’t go wrong.  The ITG jersey cards are always a good seller on the secondary market and the autographs provide some players with their very first autograph cards.  The 3D cards probably gave me the most enjoyment out of the who experience.  I feel as though you do get value for your money.


Leave a comment about what you like and don’t like about the set and you will win one of the cards from the hits we got.  Contest Deadline is 8:00pm 1/31/13


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  1. cardanathema says:

    Overall, I love the design of the entire set. Base cards, relic cards, auto cards, they all appeal to me. I also like the fact that most of the relics from the box are not boring, one color swatches. Nice multi-color and they fit in nicely with the design.

    The only thing I don’t really enjoy out of the set is the photography. Normally I love hockey cards for the photography alone, but something about the ITG cards just doesn’t pop with me.

  2. Dave H says:

    Love the 3D cards,they appear to be a cool idea that may stick around! The game used are always an amazing size and quality and the autos are good too, shame they are stickers but certainly helps keep costs down and hits up!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. dawgbones says:

    Definitely like the game used cards. They are a nice surprise/addition to pack-busting.

    And I have to agree on the filler cards, you can go overboard with the inserts to the point where they are boring/hideous or they can be must-haves, but if they prevent you from obtaining the base set from a box (or close to a base set) then they are nothing more than money-makers for the card companies as set-collectors have to either buy another box, extra packs, or hit the secondary market to finish up…

  4. Jason says:

    There’s not too much not to like! It looks like the typical box seems like it’s worth the money(not many can say this), and you get a great range of hits. If there was one thing I don’t like, it’s that some of the inserts/hits are too varied in design to look like they are all part of the same set. I would give them a final score 4.3 out of 5.

  5. Jason says:

    Not sure if my last comment went through. But I’ll leave my thoughts again, just in case.

    There’s not too much I don’t like about this product. It seems like you get your money’s worth for the price. There’s a nice range of hits and inserts. But if I had to pick one thing I didn’t like, it would be that the hits and inserts designs are too varied to make it look like all of the cards come from the same set. Other than that, I can’t complain. I would give this ITG product a final score of 4.3 out of 5.

  6. Jtran says:

    Hey mike, welcome back!
    I like the game used cards a lot…..
    On the autos, I think I prefer cards with a border of some sort, at least based on the photography used here.

  7. Russell Siminoff says:

    Sweet jersey cards and the Hamilton auto is extra cool since we’ll have to wait a year before UD can put one out. I don’t really see any downside to the product. Looks like a fun break.

  8. Zac Ryan says:

    I like the game used cards and autos of all the rookies we didnt get this year due to the PA’s decision. Ordered a box yesterday, excited to crack it.

  9. jordan says:

    cool product… love the jersey or patch setup on the card… but i wish the auto-cards were a little sharper… not a big downside! thanks for the giveaway!

  10. David Amos says:

    Everything looks great ITG has brought out some great things from there sets over and over best Hockey cards being produced these days

  11. Matt says:

    not enough rangers! and where is the AHL?

  12. I love the 3D cards. Reminds me of being a kid and pulling a 3D card from my box of Frosted Flakes. They’re Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat !!!

  13. Ted Dastick Jr. says:

    Some of the game-used cards are a sight to behold! The 3D cards look fantastic.

  14. Vasil Paraskevas says:

    I think the set is all over good but I would like to see insert sets easier to complete in the future. I love the hit per box ratio. Thanks

  15. Jeff Schmitz says:

    The best part is the game used by far. So many cards that are patches or multi-jersey cards. Phenomenal cards for a low price of a box.

    The bad part is their are no more AHLers in the product. If only they could have used what players played in the AHL this year the list would have included Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle, Baertschi, Conacher, Couturier, Ekman-Larsson, Gardiner, Granlund, Hall, Henrique, Hodgson, Johansen, Kadri, Kassian, Leblanc, Schultz, Schenn, Schwartz and Tarasenko. That would have made a great product even better.

  16. Jordan Jackson says:

    Love the way this product brings a small town feel to local collectors! Being from Kingston that dual jersey is a perfect example! That is a card I would love to own seeing as I watch those 2 players every Friday night at the KRC!

  17. Kevin Szczecina says:

    First time to the site… I haven’t heard of this set til this post. I have to say I really love the prospect of autos and jerseys from local hockey heroes. The negative… wish there was a way to learn more about these players… so the excitement during box breaks would be greater for myself.

  18. Joe says:

    Love the base cards and the rookie breakdown. Not a huge fan of the 3D cards though. Feels to forced to me.

  19. Larry Riedel says:

    Love the autos and jersey cards. The 3d cards are a nice addition to the series. Great to get cards of hometowm teams and fav players ( Domi ) and other Knights

  20. Bryan Goldstein says:

    Clearly love the 3D cards. Would love to see what they look like it person because I would imagine that would be the only way to really know how cool they are. Might have to pick up a few boxes of this product. Haven’t done that since 05-06. Looks great!

  21. Andrew McKay says:

    I really like the sizes of the swatches you get in the memorabilia cards. Crazy awesome. The 3D cards don’t picture well so going to have to pick up a box of mine to really see what they are like.

  22. C.J. says:

    Love the look of the autos , wish the patches were numbered lower though .

  23. Ryan says:

    I really like the multi colored swatches too. It is nice to get a jersey card that is more than just a plain colored swatch. I am sure this comment is in the wrong place (for that I apologize), but do you still make your custom cards? If so do you have a price list? Thank you ahead of time! Keep up the good work on the blog. I am not a everyday reader but I enjoy your topics and custom cards.

  24. steve says:

    I am a HUGE fan of the game used dual cards. I love that kind of style. P.s Thank god hockey is back!

  25. bolts939 says:

    I am a HUGE fan of the game used Dual cards. Those are my favorite. I love that style.

    P.S I am so stoked hockey is back!

  26. Sonny Scard says:

    I like the multi colored jersey cards which is a plus compared to the boring single color jerseys that one usually finds. Can’t go wrong with the size of the jerseys either. The autographed cards look like other ITG

  27. Dave987 says:

    Nobody is buying this garbage after getting bent over with HOH. Everyone knows when they buy this stuff it’s worthless within 3 months.

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