Below is a list of all the Craigslist Idiots I have done:

Craigslist Idiot – “Vintage” Edition


Craigslist Idiot – Hurricane Edition

Craigslist Idiot – Serve and Volley

Craigslist Idiot – Huggies Box and Ziplock Edition

Craigslist Idiot – Donruss Set

Multiple Craigslist / eBay Idiots – Reader’s Edition

Craigslist Idiot – No Clue Edition

Craigslist Idiot – 5 Great Cards!

Return of the Craigslist Idiot

Craigslist Idiots – Hotlanta Style

Craigslist Idiot – Special – I Hate This Kind of Guy Edition

Craigslist Idiot – North Carolina (A Woopin Good Time)

Craigslist Idiot – SF Style

Craigslist Idiots- 4/27/09

Craigslist Idiot – SLC edition

Craigslist Idiot – California Edition

Local Craigslist Idiot

Craigslist Idiot – 4/13/09

Craigslist Idiot – Minnesota Style

Craigslist Idiot – New Yorker Style

Craigslist Idiots – Phoenix Edition

Craigslist Idiot – 3/30/09

Craigslist Idiot – Seattle Edition

Craigslist Idiot – Pittsburgh Edition

Craigslist Idiots – Miami Version

Craigslist Idiot – Michigan Style

Craigslist Idiot – Los Angeles Edition

Craigslist Idiot – Boston Edition

Craigslist Idiot – 3/4/09

Craigslist Idiot – Denver . . . again!?!

Craigslist Idiot – 2/25/09

Craigslist Idiot – Denver Version

Craigslist Idiot – 2/20/09

Craigslist Idiot – 2/15/09

Craigslist Idiot – FAQ

Craigslist Idiot on Crack- 2/12/09

Carigslist Idiot – 2/12/09

Craigslist Idiots -2/10/09

Craigslist Idiot – 2/9/09

Craigslist Idiot – 2/6/09

Craigslist Idiot – 2/5/09

Craigslist Idiots

Craiglist Idiots


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  1. […] am stingier and one of the places I look for bargains is Craigslist. Bad Wax has a great segment on grossly overpriced cards but there are great items from time to time. Here are the fruits of my labor. x2 Four 1969 Mets […]

  2. Bo says:

    These are great! Just stumbled across it and read all of them. I decided to go on the local Craiglist myself and see what was on there – this was the very first post:
    I think you could have some fun with him . . .

  3. allen grimes says:

    you should check this one out from dallas
    love your site

    1990 and 91 complete set baseball cards never been taken out of box – $5075 (haltom city)

    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
    Date: 2009-05-11, 1:33PM CDT

    i have two complete sets of baseball cards one is from the 1990’s other is 91. players like nolan ryan and many others. they are still in the box never been touched by human fingers. im selling them cuz i dont want them anymore and i paid 50 for each set at the time. if interested call or text me at xxxxxxxxx

  4. jac holtzman says:

    Here comes Mr. Meatloaf!!!

  5. Sloopster says:

    the worst part is that he copy/pasted the description of the card from ebay item #310138681072, so he knows the card isnt worth more than 3 bucks

  6. Big D says:

    One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. I just spent two hours (at work) off and on, reading these posts. They’re priceless, unlike the bad wax they were pushing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Frank says:

    Hey I thought it would be cool to actually post my first listing on craigslist. I used the Oklahoman craigslist and posted under collectibles stating that I was from Oklahoma City . 50,000 cards for $50! I will gladly sell these cards to someone, better yet give them to a kid! But I bet I will get flagged from what I said, I might have pissed some OF these Fugazi’s off, the scammers trying to sell their personal collections of these worthless cards, along with Beanie Babies , and over-produced common hot-wheels and all the other Goodwill and Flea-market crapola. The creator of this blog is amazing and really needs to consider publishing a Sports card collectibles in your corner magazine, for the Beginning collector! I would love to hear from you via e-mails .I have left you my E-mail Thanks!

  8. Frank says:

    I have 50,000 cards all junk era cards baseball and tons of junk hoops basketball cards! I have 50, 1,000 count boxes filled with these cards! Just 1.00 a box for 1,000 cards! Most people on here are very dilusional in trying to scam people and trying to get obsurd amounts of money off these virtually worthless cards! I am offering these cards at a low price of $50 bucks for 50,000 cards! That would actually cover the costs of me buying the 1,000 count boxes , which was foolish on my part 😦 but anyways ! Even if you wanted these cards to actually burn for a camp fire or target shooting , It’s a great deal! This actually is a real offer here ,believe it or not! Message away! Thanks HERE IT IS!!!!!

  9. allen grimes says:

    1,120 Dallis Cowboy’s 1989 Cards (Cincinnati)

    Date: 2009-08-11, 1:30PM CDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


    You are looking at the 1989 ProSet Series of the Dallis Cowboy’s. All Of the Cards are in MINT Condition! The prices of the cards came from Ebay. I also took the lowest listed price. This collection consist of 28ea-Ed (Too Tall) Jones card #91, ebay price $1.00. 100ea Danny Noonan, card #94,ebay price$1.00. 95ea Kevin Brooks ,card #88, ebay price $1.00. 85ea Jim Jeffcoat,card #90,ebay price$1.00. 110ea Herschel Walker,card#96,ebay price$1.00. 105ea Steve Puller,card#95, Not listed on Ebay? 100ea Nate Newton,card#93,ebay price$1.00. 95eaEugene Lockhart,card#92,ebay price$1.00. 58eaCoach Jimmy Johnson,card#98,ebay price $1.00. 95ea Everson Walls,card#97,ebay price$1.00. 115ea Bill Bates,card#87,ebay price $1.00. 130ea Michael Irvin (Rookie Card) card# 89,ebay price $1-$7 per card? Total ebay value $1100-$1700. I am open to any offers. Card Dealers Welcome!

    Location: Cincinnati
    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 1317797862

  10. Rob says:

    Late to the game, as usual…

    I just found these entries. Hysterical! Take a whirl through the Kansas City craigslist ads sometime. The same guys have been listing the same collections each month for the last five years.

  11. Frank says:

    Geez, 300 listings for sports cards in the Kansas City Craigslist ad??? Man some of those people are living in 1991!!!!

  12. David says:

    This guy doesn’t want you to even ask who the players are…

  13. Casey says:

    Big Rookie lot…… this sounds like a crazy amount of cards

  14. Bill Moy says:


    Here’s an ad from CL Montreal:

    1990 Pro Set Hockey for $95.00!

  15. Spacer457 says:

    Over 500,000 sports cards 90% baseball lots of stars – $1500 (Atlanta)

    Date: 2010-01-19, 12:38AM EST
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


    I am selling 500,000 sports cards. All the cards in the pictures have barely been touched. 90% of the cards are baseball cards and the other 10% are basketball cards from what I can tell. The years seem to be from the early 80’s to the late 90’s. I only searched through a couple boxes and found multiple star cards and rookies. First $1500 cash takes them away!

    Location: Atlanta
    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 1559640166

    • Spacer457 says:

      This is not by me just to let you know. The pictures he shows i wouldn’t pay that much for the cardboard boxes they come in. At least show us what good cards are in it he replied back stating 90% were stars.

  16. JW says:

    OK, so I know this is not Craigslist, but you have to check this out on eBay. Seller says it is a 1976 Yount card (but shows a 1975), and that is autographed. Further goes on a say that ‘I got this autographed during BP in 1978.’ Well, what he is showing is the 1975 Topps card with preprinted sig that all of them have. Liar!

  17. Tom Murdock says:

    Check this idiot out…

    email this posting to a friend killeen-temple craigslist > for sale / wanted > collectibles
    please flag with care:




    best of craigslist

    Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally! Beware any deal involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, cashier check, money order, shipping, escrow, or any promise of transaction protection/certification/guarantee. More info
    17 superstars for sale – $500 (Killeen)

    Date: 2010-10-25, 7:58PM CDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


    Found these cards while cleaning out my room at my parents’ house. If I was ambitious, I would send them away to be graded & make some money; but I just don’t have the time or energy. Anyway, some nice cards are waiting for a new home. Of course, you are welcome to and I would encourage you to check out the condition of the cards before buying. I’m not interested in selling just one or a few – it’s either all 17 or nothing. Cash is the only accepted method of payment unless you have any of the following items that you’d like to trade: Zildjian Z3 cymbals, Mesa Boogie 2X12 Rectifier cabinet, or Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker head.

    Thanks for looking.

    1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie
    1987 Topps Roger Clemens
    1990 Leaf Frank Thomas rookie
    1982 Topps Cal Ripken Jr. rookie
    (2) 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson rookie
    1982 Topps Rickey Henderson Record Breaker
    1986 Topps George Brett
    1986 Topps Rickey Henderson
    1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter rookie
    2008 Bowman Chrome Evan Longoria
    1982 Topps Rickey Henderson rookie
    (2) 1986 Topps Nolan Ryan
    1986 Topps Tom Seaver
    1986 Topps Pete Rose
    1993 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr.

    Location: Killeen
    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 2025715556


    Copyright © 2010 craigslist, inc. terms of use privacy policy feedback forum

  18. Tom Murdock says:

    I sent him a E-mail and this is what I got back.

    Well Tom, I am sorry for insulting your intelligence. And here I thought they were nice cards. LoL Anyway, if you’re looking for conversation, might I suggest the male personals. I, sir, am not gay and am not interested in your advances. I will be placing your email on spam, so don’t even bother responding because I won’t get it.

    Have a good day, dickhead.

    — On Tue, 10/26/10, tom murdock wrote:

    From: tom murdock
    Subject: Baseball cards.
    Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 8:26 PM

    ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
    ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
    ** More Info:

    How do you come up with $500.00 for those cards. Must have been a typo, you meant $50.00 right? I think the is still alitte high. Your best card is the ripken rc and you can buy those on e-bay for under $20.00. What would your best price be?


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  21. Weber 10 says:

    dude, start dating these things.. naming them all different names doesnt really do much for somebody who is looking to read all of the latest ones

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  25. ToddUncommon says:

    Here’s a good one to work with:

    It’s nice and topical with the new TRON movie that came out on Friday, and here’s a guy trying to find a timely sucker to the tune of at least 10x reasonable value. Wholly unopened boxes of these can be had for under $20 on eBay, and that’s in actual normal packs and boxes, not the Donruss generic packs that they jammed overstock cards into during the mid-1980s (which is what this guy seems to have). He estimates a dollar for each card, when it’s more like a nickel per is pretty good, by any reasonable estimation.

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  28. Laura says:

    I noticed you don’t really do any for football but I think this ebay one would be good to do Seeing how the card is clearly not worth 8,000 dollars.

  29. Mel says:

    I just found the best Craigslist idiot I have ever seen….so many mistakes….bad description….20 spelling mistakes….no pictures…..outrageous price…..everything. Here’s the link:

  30. Mel says:

    This one is pretty good:

    I love how he spells the sports.

  31. Mel says:

    All I know is I like that he thinks Ken Griffey Jr. played in the big leagues in 1983.

  32. mike says:

    1989 topps baseball cards complete set – $2500 (fayetteville)

    they are in mint condition it has all rookie and mvp series
    (Cards are really 1990 topps, worth about 10 bucks, i think the binder is worth more.)

  33. […] or so) has me really scratching my head. (By the way you really have to check out Bad Wax’s Craigslist Idiots posts if you haven’t already. They are […]

  34. Shawn says:

    Ever feel like doing a “POGS” edition?

  35. Steve says:

    $25,300 for 120 Tony Gwynn cards. PLEASE DO THIS GUY

  36. Steve says:

    Saw that…too funny!

  37. Steve says:

    $40,000 for a 1974 A’s team ball. Coullllld be a little overpriced! Maybe all the idiots are in San Diego these days!

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  39. Tina says:

    Have we found another person with too much time on their hands ?

  40. Peskys Pole says:

    A team autographed Red Sox team ball with Jackie Robinson!
    Or a preprinted ball from 1978 with Jack Brohamer the 2b/3b?

    Either way its only $1,000!!

  41. obviously like your web site however you have to test the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to tell the reality nevertheless I’ll surely come again again.

  42. […] Craigslist Idiots Bad Wax Some greatness there. […]

  43. Howie says:

    I think the link below qualifies for CL Idiot? Check it out

    • chemgod says:

      Clearly it’s not worth $50,000 but you get A LOT of cards. I would say $10,000 isn’t out of the question. Even if it is garbage sets, there are a lot of them. Plus some of the starting lineup figures are worth $20 – $30. Wholesale it’s worth 4-6K, pieced out you could get 10K. Plus, he put a lot of time into listing what he has. The idea behind a craigslist idiot is that it’s like 2 sentences and blurry pictures on top of crappy cards.

  44. Evelyn says:

    I’ve got an unopened box of Donruss 1991 Collectors set (792 cards) I’d gladly take $10 for..also a box of 1991 Score collectors set (900 cards, 72 magic motion trivia cards) $10. Are you interested???

  45. Bill says:

    you gotta email this bozo, has a box of 86/87 baseball cards
    thinks he has $600 worth of cards, because after all like he says at .25 a card
    and about 3000 cards thats what it adds up to.. lol

  46. Here’s another good one – I’d love to know if this guy’s had a response.

  47. […] were always a fun read: Craigslist Idiots | Bad Wax __________________ Interested in On-Card Autographs of: -Cody Poteet -Austin Hedges -Ryan Burr […]

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