Hall of Fame – 1938/1939 Volume 1

Technical Innovations Booklet

1919 Black Sox

Moon shots (inside Redux, different cuts)

Pride of the yankees six cut (Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, mantle, jeter, berra)

Goodwins champions jaguars set (20 cards)

FAREWELL QUOTES – Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio

Farewell Quotes – Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig

Gone with the wind

Civil war – robert e. Lee and ulysses S Grant

Miami Ink

Slam dunk champs

Collegiate Greats

1972 – 73 Knicks Championship team

1992 Dream Team Starting Five

Apollo 11

greatest college players of all time

Presidential Cuts

Baseball Hall of fame – class of 1937 – volume 1

hockey All-Time greats

Blank Dolphins Greats Custom

Hall of Fame – class of 1936

All time great lineups 3

All time great pitchers

Gangsters Booklet

1961 Yankees Starting Lineup (8 cut reprint autographs)

The Beatles – (4 reprint cut signatures)

Silent Movie Stars – (4 reprint cut autographs)

Champions Customs

Box Score and Cut Booklet


22 responses »

  1. Jay says:

    Being a repeat customer of these custom made cards.I must say ,with each and every new card received.My expectations are exceeded .
    The Beatle cut card is a gift for my brother . I tossed the idea at Bad Wax and all I mentioned was Early, Cavern Club and Uniform and you can see for yourself the brillance in layout design.
    For my time and money.I find it rather logical to purchase these “dream cards” as my luck never allowed me to pull that Babe Ruth cut from a pack. Expectations always met at Bad Wax Customs. Never a let down, like an expensive box that yields next to nothing.

  2. Brett Halladay says:

    How much are the Beatles, the Ty Cobb box cut, & the Class of ’36?


  3. thisisselling says:

    are the dream team cut and college stars cut still available?

  4. sonny scardamaglia says:


    Just checking in to see if you finished the Capone booklet and the Sinatra booklet.


  5. poo says:

    Man. Out of all the custom card companies/makers I have seen, yours are by far hands down the best. You must have a shietload of money or SOMETHIN.. Presidential cut?? Damn! I would kill to ahve that MJ cut quad. Sick man, good job.

  6. Michael says:

    I would love to hear some of your prices and maybe get a quote on an idea. A Dodgers Greatest Pitching… If you could email me uswoodymc@gmail.com I would appreciate it

  7. Chris says:

    Can you email me about some of the prices. Thanks. chriskepski@yahoo.com

  8. […] Bad Wax Keeps the Craigslist Idiots in Check Tweet Bad Wax is written by Mike Levine and will be celebrating its fourth anniversary in January. The topics covered  range from finding under-valued items on eBay to opining about the latest card designs. Two recurring themes that keep collectors coming back for more are Craigslist Idiots and Custom Cards. […]

  9. Jimmy says:

    hey Mike, i cant recall, but have you tried doing an autographed card with a jersey patch as well? or is that too thick?

  10. White Fang says:


    I am interested in your custom cards. I’m not a sports fan or a card collector, but I would like to make similar cards for use in a card game some friends and I made up. I was wondering if you perhaps give me a general idea of how to make sure good looking cards. I am familiar with photoshop, but I’m not sure what kind of printer I should use. You can email me or post here perhaps? Thanks!!

  11. Tommy Parker says:

    I have an idea in mind for a booklet card and I would like to find out in general what kind of prices you would charge.

  12. rhsteals says:

    If someone sent you real cut signatures and some baseball cards are you able to make a book out of them. If so what do you charge? i’m interested in you making a book of a specific player. Let me know. Thanks…you do some nice artwork.

  13. Charles Brewer says:

    I love the cards , can you send me some prices , Huge Yankee fan !

  14. I’m super impressed with the work you are doing! Really, really cool. You have definitely spurred some ideas I need to hammer down.

    In the mean time … would you take a look at my new’ish blog and consider putting up a link to it? http://petessportscards.wordpress.com

    Thanks and I’ll shoot an idea or two for custom cards your way here soon!


  15. Kevin says:

    Awesome customs! How much would one of the Champions SRV customs cost? I would love to get one for my dad’s birthday. Thanks!

  16. andrew says:

    I know that stiner will get your item signed for you when they are /at a show. how much they charge I don’t know.

    you should think about making autograph books of current players ect., that people can buy and try to collect the auto them selves at games or shows. like a book of modren players Jeter, AROD , S. Musial and Pujols.

    or depending on how thick your books are make a cut out big enough and thick enough to hold 2 to 3 Beckett Graded cards on each side when opened up.

  17. Héctor l gonzalez says:

    These customs are sick I would like to know if I can consign a work and how much it would be to make one of three and another one of nine cut signature. My email is toleteros@gmail.com

  18. Chris says:

    I would love to buy a custom booklet where I try to aquire autographs of the players myself…LMK how much one would cost…thanks.

  19. ron brinza says:

    are these reprints for sale.Is there a price list

  20. ron brinza says:

    anybody know how much this stuff is.Is there a price list.

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