Updated 8-24-11

Since I really don’t like trading cards, I am offering my services.  Each card donated equals points. We can work out a deal where if more than a few cards are donated, you get more points.  Here is what you can get with your points:

5 points – Custom Through the Mail autograph card and valid address to send to (any style you want)

10 points – Custom one reprint cut card

17 points – Custom two cut reprint card (either on one side or both sides of card)

20 points – Custom three cut reprint card

25 points – Custom booklet (up to three reprint cuts)

35 points – Custom booklet (up to six reprint cuts)

70 points – Custom booklet (up to 12 reprint cuts)

All designs are built to your taste, and you get final say on designs.  You can also bank your points if you want.  If you want to know how good these custom cards are, just ask for references or see my eBay feedback.

2011 Topps Football – 1950 Bowman Subset:

7 Hillis, 8 Little, 10 Rodgers, 16 Pettis, 19 Wallace, 25 Vick, 27 Peppers, 31 Hankerson, 36 Davis, 39 Stafford, 46 Jennings, 47 Woodson, 59 Moreno, 60 Tebow, 73 Witten, 76 Shorts, 82 Ponder, 83 Dalton, 85 Baldwin, 86 Stanzi, 92 Paterson, 93 Williams, 94 Shipley, 95 Green, 96 Harper, 99 Locker, 109 Mallett, 110 Brady, 111 LeShoure, 112 Young, 114 Carter, 116 Rudolph, 120 Jennings, 122 Amukamara, 123 Kaepernick, 124 Hunter, 127 Jones, 128 Rodgers, 129 Dareus, 130 Gabbert, 134 Thomas, 135 Gates, 138 Miller, 140 Ingram, 143 Jones.

99/144 = 69% complete.  Missing 45 cards from subset.

Each card donated worth 1 point.

2011 Topps Heritage Chrome subset

C50 Renteria, C66 Cramer (Pending), C75 Hunter, C78 Duda, C86 Anderson, C93 Hughes, C94 Jimenez, C95 Cuddyer

Anything from C101 – C200 (2011 Topps Chrome)

92/100 = 92% complete. Missing 8 cards from subset.

Each card donated worth 2 points.

2011 Topps Lineage Relics

Need all except Victorino, Fielder, Werth, and Sizemore

Fukodome (pending)

Each card worth 3 points. Each vintage player (Cobb, Wagner, etc.) worth 75 points.

Other Cards Interested In:

T206 – Relic cards (HOF Players) – 50 – 75 points

Topps Mayo – Silk cards – 30 points


17 responses »

  1. connor says:

    I think this is a really good idea, too bad I don’t have any of these cards right now.

  2. Mike D says:

    Mike I think you will be surprised at how fast your wantlists will dry up. From any blog I have read, when you offer up trade requests, those emails will roll in quickly. Give it time for the word to spread. And also watch at how your requests for customs will rise!

  3. netflash99 says:

    I have a Bobby Cramer C66 Chrome and a Fukudome Lineage relic if you still need them.

  4. You still need that Peppers from the 2011 Topps/Bowman set?

  5. Robert says:

    Are your custom sets available to purchase?

    • andrew says:

      i want to know if you make custom cards with certified autographs if they were sent to you. If not do you sell a programe or step by step booklet so people can make there own custome cards from TTM or IP autographs.

      I collect autographs of baseball HOF’ers how ever there are about 100 players that don’t have certified autographed cards or have very few signed cards. I can find PSA certified cuts that I would like to get made into cards.

      thank you


  6. I’ve got a Jim Palmer mini HOF’er relic from 2011 Topps Lineage if you’re interested.

  7. Jason says:

    Was thinking of you when I saw this post today….. a different angle for the Craigslist Idiots


  8. sonny scardamaglia says:

    interested in the capone, lucky, and crew cut

  9. Matthew says:

    Is this list still up to date?

  10. Jamie Perdue says:

    I have a nolan ryan relic,and a fergie jenkins relic from 11′ lineage.How many points are they worth?If ya could get in touch,I have some IP signed index cards od like turnt into cards.Thanks buddy.

  11. Jamie Perdue says:

    Hey,ive been looking for your e-mail address and ive seem to of lost it.I still have the Ryan lineage mini,Im looking to get a custom set of The Walking Dead cards done in Allen and Ginters style,kinda quickly.Whenever you can,please get it touch,Thanks buddy.

  12. So the only way to get points for a custom card is to “donate” the cards on your want list? I seen your work – very impressed…. would love to have a custom made card. How long does it take to make them?

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